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Busyness. Focusing on the tasks ahead. Trying to stay one step ahead of contractors and painters means that you are removing things that will need to be replaced.

I’ve taken down pictures, switch plates have been set aside, and wooden doors have been sanded all in preparation for my blessing of a brother to come and paint in his off-work hours. My job is to prepare the room, feed him while he’s here, and although he cares for his own brushes and my paint, it’s up to me to vacuum, replace the moved furniture, and to redecorate my barren walls.

There’s something freeing about a blank slate. With one brush stroke movement has begun. Color is the start of a theme. Eyes can be directed by placement. We can orchestrate our own beautiful symphony in the rooms in which we live, sleep and think.

 Do-it-yourself decorating shows are amazing. In one half hour segment, we see the ordinary transformed into a pristine, color-coordinated, picture-perfect snapshot. But secretly I wonder where do they put their clothing or the kid’s toys. We see a never-lived-in room. I can only imagine what a half an hour with my grandbabies would do to the space. Beautiful and yet not practical for most of us.

As we ready our homes for real living, we must consider that life will be messy. We’ll need hidey-holes for trinkets, hobby supplies, and our secret chocolate stash. Active families have busy schedules and sometimes we choose to let the kids help us bake the cookies. And their laughter echoes long after they’re in bed and the kitchen is cleaned.

This morning as I moved items so I could start my quiet time, I read about ‘renewing’ my spirit. And much like the renewing of my living space, I should consider an internal space cleanse. Maybe I stop to evaluate how my actions, how my daily routine and habits affect my day. Perhaps that daily news show that gets me fearful and agitated is a picture that needs to come off the wall. And instead of reaching for the remote I get outside for a walk. And how am I doing with connecting with my neighbors? And as I finish my reading in Ephesians, I am encouraged that the kindness I share will return to me.

So, if you stop by and find that my entrance has spackling marks where a mirror once hung, not to worry, my living room furniture is mostly back in the right spot, and I’ll clear a space for us to visit. I’d rather sit with you, my friends, in my ‘being repainted rooms’ than not visit with you at all.

And if you are undergoing your own spring ‘refresh’ I understand your dilemma but know I’m not looking at your stuff when I drop by, I’m just checking to see how you’re doing. Oh, and by the way, where do you hide your chocolate?


Debbie G

Good reading: Ephesians 4 :17-32

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