3 Shining Moments

It was last spring during a life change that I decided to sell my house. Suddenly alone and tending to more property than I could handle, I was contemplating my next season. Living on the water and being blessed with a dock held a unique challenge for me when a tree floated downriver and lodged itself there.

“Oh Lord, that’s not my job.” Wait, I guess it is now.

With shovel in hand, I easily walked the tree down the dock, but when I got to the end, I had to give it a good shove and silly me, both the shovel and I went in for a dip. (In April- brr)

Lord, are you baptizing me for the next season?  And that was my decision-making moment.

There are three shining moments I’ve been contemplating this month. I guess my early spring dip was the catalyst.

It wasn’t the first dip in the Jordan River, nor would it be the last, but it was and still is the most significant one in history. It was pre-planned, purposeful, and symbolic. We glimpse the first shaft of light when John, baptizing many unto repentance, reluctantly agrees to this special request. The Spirit of God cascades down from above and a voice from heaven declares relationship with this man emerging from the sea.

The second spotlight comes on a mountaintop amid close friends. First his face and clothing begin to glow, then historic heroes of faith appear and again an authoritative voice from the cloud asserts affection for the man accompanied by a command to, “Listen to Him.”

Our final scene of illumination arrives amid a silenced mob gawking at the tortured man draped on the tree.

This time His internal light darkens as does the noon-day sky above as life leaves His body.

This time the earth shouts as it quakes, and the dead witness to their own resurrection as tombs releases these holy people.

And this time it was His executioner we hear exclaiming, “Truly, this was the Son of God!”

Three testimonies and three shining moments exhort us to action: A dip of repentance. A charge to listen to Him. And to strive to be His living witnesses until He returns.

 Who YOU say He is; is THE ultimate decision-making moment… determining one’s eternal destiny. 

Shining the light…

~Debbie G

Matthew 3:14-17, Matthew 17:1-5, Matthew 27:45-55, Romans 10:9

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