Hi. So glad you’ve stopped in for a visit. Did you ever meet a small town girl, raised country?  That’s me… I grew up not far from where I currently live. My neighbors are my friends. Church folks are like family.  I love dogs, chocolate, and hot black coffee.

I’ve learned many lessons through the process of raising my family. Highlights: these are things that we may have in common or what might make me unique, you decide.

I’ve raised seven kids, five of which are adopted from foster care. Most of my babies came with someone else’s DNA, and some have mental health issues. But they’ve always been surrounded in love. They are all adults now. I’m proud of how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are. Oh yeah, I also homeschooled my gang for 20 years. 

I began writing for a local magazine, years ago. I’ve had a few stories published in other periodicals. Now I’m ready to publish a book, a series of them actually. Fiction. Real life struggles experienced through imaginary characters.

I fell in love with suspense type, mystery novels. Escaping into the pages of those books helped me through some difficult years. So I write what ministered to me. Characters that battle through hardships and come through it changed. These stories continue to inspiring me in my journey.

I hope you’ll check in with me once in a while. And if you like my webpage or books, that you’ll share my link with a friend. I love to hear from my readers. Feel free to leave me a comment. There’s also a place to leave your email address so I can stay in touch. I’m so glad you dropped by. <3

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